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Understanding the Racing Line

Kylemore Karting Podium

If you are looking to beat the lap record time on any of our tracks or you simply just want to be the fastest driver out of your friends, figuring out the proper racing line is key to setting those quick lap times.

Following the proper race line through each corner is the best way to ensure you keep your momentum going and keep those lap times at record speeds! Taking a corner at high speeds can easily throw you off the next one, so it’s vital that you nail down the proper race line for each corner to keep the traction and the kart in line. 

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Kylemore Karting's Guide to Your Go Kart

Get to Know Your Sodi GTR5 Go-Kart

Knowing your kart inside out is the best way to improve your racing skills whether you’re a complete beginner or a seasoned pro. Learning all you need to know about how to drive the kart and how it works will equip you with the knowledge you need to enhance your abilities and your experience on the track!
You can find out all about the features of our Sodi GTR5 Adult karts below and how simple they are to drive. We’ll have you behind the wheel and whizzing around the track in no time!



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Kylemore Karting’s Beginners Guide to Go-Karting

Kylemore Karting DublinConsidering taking up a new hobby? Why not try an adrenaline fuelled day at Kylemore Karting.

Our team have compiled a beginner’s guide below which will equip you with the information needed to have a safe and enjoyable race around one of our three fantastic indoor tracks!

What to Wear

Being comfortable is important when racing; so, we recommend wearing comfortable casual or athletic clothing and footwear. 

Our team will provide full racing gear prior to racing including; helmets, gloves and race jackets or race suits.

We have lockers and ladies/gents changing rooms on our premises where you can lock away any valuables, bags or jackets. It can get quite hot on the track so please bear this in mind when choosing the clothing you will wear. 

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Video Vault

Click on the link below to be directed to our video gallery, where you can preview our world class race tracks.


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