Race Tips

Want to make sure you have the bragging rights secured for the weekend? Check out race tips from the experienced Kylemore Karting team.

Understanding the Racing Line

If you are looking to beat the lap record time on any of our tracks or you simply just want to be the fastest driver out of your friends, figuring out the proper racing line is key to setting those quick lap times. Following the proper race line through each corner is the best way to ensure you keep your momentum going and keep those lap times at record speeds! Taking a corner at high speeds can easily throw you off the next one, so it’s vital that you nail down the proper race line for each corner to keep the traction and the kart in line. There are 4 main areas of each corner to consider when attempting to take them at high speeds; • The Braking Point: This is the point on the track which you should start to slow as you approach the bend. • The Turn-in Point: This is the point on the track that you begin to steer into/around the bend. • The Apex: This is the point at which your kart is at its closest to the inside of the corner. When aiming to nail the racing line, understanding the apex is crucial. • The Exit Point: This is the point at which you can start thinking about the next corner, and in certain circumstances, can accelerate away. While each of these four points are hugely important in their own right, they must be combined in order to truly nail the correct racing line. Every corner will have the same basic principle technique to use. The idea is to approach the corner wide and begin to slow as you get closer, stick close to the apex or barrier as you pass through the bend and accelerate away. Not all corners are the same and most will require different levels of speed but the idea remains the same. Slower on approach to the bend and accelerate away. This technique is used across many types of motor sport and should give you the most traction while weaving in and out of the corners. Check out our “Get to Know Your Kart” or “Karting for Beginners”  guides and use these in combination with the racing line to boost your abilities and set those record lap times! Pre-booking is essential to reserve your preferred time on the track. Bookings can be made on our website, by emailing info@kylemorekarting.ie or by phoning our booking line on (01) 6261444 where a member of the team will be happy to help.

Tips to Win Your Next Race

If you are looking to cross the finishing line ahead of your family, friends or colleagues the next time you hit the track, following our team’s tips listed below will certainly give you an edge over your competitors. Stay Comfy Once you have been assigned your kart, sit into the kart correctly and the marshal will adjust the seat and pedals to ensure you are fully comfortable and ready to race. Comfortable seating position will help you relax and give your best effort. Sitting Position Make sure you sit straight, square and centred in the seat to keep the weight distributed evenly when maneuvering through corners and down the straights. This will allow equal amounts of force to be applied to the tyres which will give you the best traction. The Race Line The quickest way to get around the track is by following the correct racing line. Have a look at our Understanding the Race Line guide to figure out the best way to tackle each corner like a pro. Stay Moving Keeping the kart under smooth control and in motion is crucial to good performance and when trying to imitate the legend such as Eddie Irvine and Damon Hill. Avoid pitfalls like; skidding and spinning by decelerating before the corner and accelerating away from the corner. Remember the trick to most corners is: “slow in and fast out”. One Pedal at a Time Pressing both pedals at the same time can cause the driver to lose control and spin out. This ultimately leads to slower lap times. Use one foot at a time and remember to be gentle when pressing the pedals as they can sometimes be very sensitive. Lighten Up Remember that a lighter kart = a faster kart. Avoid unnecessary weight by keeping this in mind when choosing the clothing and footwear you will wear when racing. Smooth and Consistent Following the racing line smoothly and at consistent speeds is a sure way to get the edge over your competition. Don’t leave braking until the last second as this can cause you to brake harshly and lose speed. Be as smooth as possible around the corners, you’ll be surprised at how much of a difference this makes to your performance and lap times. Relax Getting tired will force you to make mistakes and slow down. Tensing up will cause you to use more energy when fighting the bends at high speeds. Use the longer straights as “rest” time to relax your body, conserve your energy and especially relax your wrists. The last thing you want is for your wrists to be hurting as you quickly maneuver through the corners. Enjoy yourself You stand a much better chance of winning if you’re enjoying yourself out on the track. Try to avoid feeling frustrated and stressed and try to keep a clear head. The last thing you want is for your emotions to ruin the fun so, relax and have fun!   So, there you have it. Those are our tips to help you finish first the next time you and your pals decide to battle it out at Kylemore Karting. Pre-booking is essential to reserve your preferred time on the track. Bookings can be made on our website, by emailing info@kylemorekarting.ie or by phoning our booking line on (01) 6261444 where a member of the team will be happy to help.

Karting for Beginners

Considering taking up a new hobby? Why not try an adrenaline fuelled day at Kylemore Karting. Our team have compiled a beginner’s guide below which will equip you with the information needed to have a safe and enjoyable race around one of our three fantastic indoor tracks! -What to Wear- Being comfortable is important when racing; so, we recommend wearing comfortable & casual/athletic clothing and footwear. Our team will provide full racing gear prior to racing including; helmets, gloves and race jackets or race suits. We have lockers and ladies/gents changing rooms on our premises where you can lock away any valuables, bags or jackets. It can get quite hot on the track so please bear this in mind when choosing the clothing you will wear. ‘Your Safety is Our Priority’ at Kylemore Karting, so we have certain items of clothing that are not permitted on track. These are as follows:   -What to expect- Upon arrival you will be required to check in at reception and watch a comprehensive safety briefing which will provide you with the rules and signals of the track as well as how to operate the go kart. After the video, you will return to reception where you will be kitted out to race! A member of our marshal team will quickly recap the main safety instructions and ensure you are comfortable in your race gear before assigning you to your kart. -Sitting into the kart- Place one hand on the steering wheel and one hand on the back of the seat. Place your right foot into the seat first, followed by your left and then use your left foot to apply the brake as you sit down. This ensures the kart does not rock back and forth as you try to sit down. The seats and pedals are fully adjustable. Before leaving the pits, the track marshal will make sure you can comfortably reach the pedals and steering wheel, so you can fully enjoy your Kylemore Karting experience. -How to Drive a Go Kart- Sit comfortably – Posture and positioning play a key role in performance as they affect handling and speed. Make sure you are sitting comfortably with your back flat against the seat and grip the steering wheel with your hands. Using your right foot to press the accelerator pedal will start moving the kart forward. You should only keep the kart moving at a speed that you feel you are comfortable and in control. Sharp braking can really slow you down due to lost traction. So, please familiarise yourself with the brake pedal before you get too confident with fast speeds, especially when taking the corners and entering the pit lane. Gently applying your left foot to the brake pedal will slow you down and allow you to keep control of the kart when making turns. When the session is over, reduce the speed of the kart and return to the pits at a walking pace. Smooth and consistent speeds are the trick to keeping the momentum going around the track. Keeping the kart straight as much as you can will allow you to keep up your speed and record those fast laps times! Keep a safe distance from the barriers and from other drivers. This will help to avoid any unnecessary bangs and help keep your momentum going. Remember to treat your first couple of laps as practice, get to know your kart, get a feel for its power and speed and give your tyres a chance to warm up. Your first lap should be steady, so don’t get confident with fast speeds until you know you can control the kart. Our Get to Know Your Kart guide is useful for figuring out the basics. -Safety- As a beginner, it is important that you listen to everything our race team tells you. They want to help you and ensure you have a fun and safe karting experience. If you encounter a problem while you are racing, raise your hand, and await marshal instruction. If you can return to the pits, then do so, at a slow and steady pace. -Getting the hang of it?- After a couple of laps, you should be feeling comfortable and confident. Once you know you can control the kart, build up your speed because it is time to get those quick laps in! Don’t be too cocky though, as even the best drivers have accidents so make sure to avoid contact with barriers and other karts. -The End- Once your time has elapsed the red lights will light up around the track and the marshal will direct you into the pit lane using the flags. Remember to slow down to a walking pace and use your brakes upon entering the pit lane. Do not crash into the kart in front as you could damage the kart or hurt the person sitting in it. At the end of your experience you will be able to analyse your performance with printed lap times which will show you how quick you were able to get around and how close you were to beating the track record best lap. Our marshal team will be happy to help you analyse the results and see who gets that number one spot on the podium!   Pre-booking is essential to reserve your preferred time on the track. Bookings can be made on our website, by emailing info@kylemorekarting.ie or by phoning our booking line on (01) 6261444 where a member of the team will be happy to help.

Get to Know Your Kart

Knowing your kart inside out is the best way to improve your racing skills whether you’re a complete beginner or a seasoned pro. Learning all you need to know about how to drive the kart and how it works will equip you with the knowledge you need to enhance your abilities and your experience on the track! You can find out all about the features of our Sodi SR5 Adult karts below and how simple they are to drive. We’ll have you behind the wheel and whizzing around the track in no time! Features of the Sodi SR5 The Engine – The Sodi karts you’ll see at our tracks are powered by a four-stroke petrol Honda engine that can give out 200cc of power. Our Sodi SR5 adult karts, powered by 200cc Honda engines, can often exceed speeds of 60kph but this can feel like 80kph when sitting just 2 inches off the ground. They have no gears and are fully automatic, so no need to worry about the gears! The Steering Wheel – The steering wheel is the all-important control centre of the kart which gives the driver complete control of the kart as they zip around the track. The steering wheel itself is designed to give the driver maximum grip and turning ability. The Seat – The seats in our karts are bucket seats made from heavy-duty plastic and are fully adjustable to suit your height. If you feel like you are sitting too far from the wheel or too close, a member of the marshal team will adjust the seat to your liking. The Pedals – Along with the steering, pedal control is another task you need to master if you want to finish in pole position! The accelerator pedal pumps the fuel into the engine and the brake pedal helps you control your speed. Our karts are fitted with a hydraulic braking system and anti-double pedalling technology, which stops you accelerating and braking at the same time and also protects the clutch from damage. The adjustable pedals offer driving comfort and allows the driver to benefit from optimum sensitivity and efficiency in braking and accelerating. The Chassis – The karts are fitted with a twin-tube lightweight and aerodynamic chassis which keeps it very responsive, helping you regain that high speed after you’ve bossed your way around a corner. There’s also a rubber shock-absorbing system mounted on the chassis front and back for extra protection, just in case of accidental collision with crash barriers or other karts. The Bumpers – Loss of control and contact with crash barriers and other karts are frequent in leisure karting. These frequent impacts can not only cause damage to the kart structure and components, but also present a safety hazard to the driver. To reduce those effects, but also avoid go-karts overriding or barrier penetrations, Sodi kart have developed an all-round high-density plastic protection system. This includes a front part, two side parts (particularly protecting the wheels and engine), and a rear part (exhaust and transmission protection). These different parts making up the PROLINE are attached to the frame with elastic support blocks. This complete system offers great flexibility and deformation capabilities and therefore enhance the energy absorption capacity. The Tyres – Our Sodi karts are fitted with state of the art slick tyres which allow for more traction. This means you can take the corners with more speed and control, just as long as you are capable of keeping the kart under control.   Ready to race? Now that you’ve seen what our karts are all about, we bet you’re itching to get down to the track and give it a shot! But don’t worry if it’s your first time, our first class race team will ensure you are well equipped for an enjoyable racing experience. Alternatively, you can check out our teams, Beginners Guide to Karting here! Pre-booking is essential to reserve your preferred time on the track. Bookings can be made on our website, by emailing info@kylemorekarting.ie or by phoning our booking line on (01) 6261444 where a member of the team will be happy to help.

Race Tips

Want to make sure you have the bragging rights secured for the weekend? Check out race tips from the experienced Kylemore Karting team.






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